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About King_sii

Photography, Marketing and content creation. How it all started and why

So this actually started back in 2015. When Tom told me all about Instagram and how amazing pictures could be. At the time I really took no notice it wasn’t massive yet Facebook hadn’t taken over them yet and pictures didn’t interest me yet. If you scroll all the way down the pictures on my Instagram feed you’ll basically just find holidays. However…….


About me King-sii

Digital marketing near me

Photos for personal brands & blogs

About me King-sii

The Man Behind The Camera

blogging and taking photos

About me King-sii

Custom Content For Your blog

seo and digital marketing

Simon Nicholson Aka King_sii

Dudley Priory with Tom Bowen

Social media content creation

As I got older and could afford a better phone with a camera the Samsung S4 at the time I realised photos could be fun and often ended up in competitions with Tom for likes along with my brother and other friends that we went on trips with. Not very exotic but that’s literally how it all started. Moving into 2017 I left my job as a customer eccentric social media adviser and moved into marketing here at Chameleon Web Services. Already being able to manage complaints in public and build relationships with people I’d never met or probably never meet it seemed like the perfect fit as a way to develop my skills set.

Working in digital marketing I’d rather make small risks with king-sii as a test to see how different marketing strategies work and then apply the ones that work to clients we have at Chameleon. I guess you could call this a personal development project.

How Can I help you?

help with your website

With the help of Chameleon web services I can help you with your website needs from hosting your newly bought website to giving your website that fresh new look your customers want to see.


If your new here I can help you with all your photography needs. Give me a call if you want to book or you can see the rest of portfolio on my gallery page

INFLUENCEr marketing

You've seen the agency pages telling you this is something you need but why not come direct to an social media influencer? you can utilise myself or I can help you find the ones with the right audience for you.

Content Creation

Not just images, to help you with all your content if your in need of blog posts or guest posting I can help you get the links you need to increase trust flow to your website


If you need help with making Google find your website SEO is what you need. I can help link to your website gain new trusted links or even guest post on your website

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I'm personally most active on Instagram. I do use all the "BIG" social media platforms but Instagram is my strongest and personal favourite. Links are at the top

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Simon has a great eye for detail, love his work would recommend him to anyone who want that prefect picture.
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Simon is absolutely amazing in what he does. Amazing photographer with amazing results. Would definitely recommend!!!
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