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Chique Appeal product photography at Raw Studios

Si the dancer and maricacassandra at raw studios halesowen

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Model, Si the Dancer with Chique appeal

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High quality product photography is a must when it comes to ecommerce sales. I’ve spoken to a lot of people and gained feedback from consumers that have said they’ve completely blocked websites they’ve been too that didn’t have professional photography. If a shop isn’t willing to invest in their product then why would a consumer?  Unlike a face to face sale a customer doesn’t gain that initial trust with a shop and only through word of mouth or the images you upload will they get that initial and most important first impression. 

Raw Studios Halesowen

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Rawstudios meets Chique Appeal

Dress modelled by Sophie Francis

Raw Studios In the Rox Academy

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Taken at Raw Studios Halesowen

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Fashion photography at the Rawstudios halesown

When it comes to product photography it’s one thing But Digital marketing using social media channels is all down to the model, photographer and the objective your trying to achieve. If your trying to create organic growth on your social media the best way to grow is to use an interactive influencer. If they get back to people and actually know a lot of the people and build a relationship with people that speak to them chances are their followers are more likely to buy your product.  Not only this but stylists and make-up artists can sometimes be involved lighting experts and others always plan your projects. 

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Influencer marketing is massively on the rise at the moment. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have all the attention. When personal profiles like these appear with subtle advertisements not only does it create brand awareness but it also helps build  a relationship between your customer and the model and your brand. Bringing a whole new side to creating a customer experience. 

Meet the models

Tina in the Detailed Balloon Sleeve Wrap Top

Fashion portrait photography styles

Sophie in Red Pleated Dress skirt

Rawstudios photography

Having fun with Chique Appeal

photography for models

Meet Sianna she’s a dancer a teacher, choreographer not to mention she’s also an Activities Co-ordinator and on this occasion a model! I’ve worked with her on quite a few projects for The Creative Link. There really isn’t much this talented young woman can’t do! 

To the right we have Netsai Tinaresse Dandajena but you can call her Tina for short. She stands for exactly what her instagram handle describes on a journey to inspire women across the globe taking part in competitions for Miss Curvaceous and has even been interviewed by the BBC. 

On the bottom left we have Sophie Francis a model a mom and inspiring passion and creativity in every photo. I’ve also worked Sophie a number of times through The Creative Link. 

Finally Chique Appeal as a brand it oozes glamour and class. From their stylish dresses to their sophisticated suits you have to have some of these outfits in your wardrobe! 

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