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Salisbury, Solstice and Stonehenge

A story about a trip down south

The Cosy Club in Sailsbury, click to see more about my adventure here


Cathedral in Sailsbury, click to see more about my adventure here

Salisbury Cathedral

The outside of the majestic building

Midday street photography in salisbury town center

The River Avon

With the Salisbury Cathedral in the distance

The Cosy Club in Sailsbury, click to see more about my adventure here

The Cosy Club With Gemma

Beautiful decorations and amazing staff

Cosy Club in Sailsbury adventures with King-Sii

Behind the bar at the Cosy Club

Fun and friendly staff even when it's busy

I never know how to start these. I’m usually not that great at sharing my story so as part of my new years resolution I’m planning on blogging more at least once a month to be exact. It’s mostly for my own personal development but hope it helps you guys out too.  

So this adventure starts after a half day at Chameleon. Our very first overnight stay away from home with baby Roman, trying to remember to pack everything you need to entertain a 2 month old on the longest journey he’s ever been on along with all the appliances, home comforts and clothes you could possibly need including the steriliser knowing that Roman has a bottle every couple of hours means our bottle reserves would have been over in a day. 

Thankfully he enjoys being in the car. Being just like me prefers being in motion so the 2 hour 15 min journey was a breeze, Leaving me and Gem to have some couples time together.

We’d booked to stay at City Lodge not that expensive and the staff were amazing no job was too big for them, even allowing me to extend my stay last minute without us having to move rooms on one of their busier days. Kids under 4 can share your bed for free which is amazing to hear if your penny pinching on the run up to Christmas or any other time! 

Once we’d checked in sorted the first feed and many different ways of back rubs,pats and bouncing to get all the excess gas up we decided to find a local space to go and eat. 

The Cosy Club was the venue of choice after checking through google it seemed to be one of the most cost & family friendly places we could find. Personally I couldn’t be happier with the choice we made the cosy club had multiple Christmas parties and people around for the winter solstice. I’m not sure if it was the Christmas spirit or whether this has been one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever set foot. but It’s definitely a city I’ll head back too. 


stone henge Near Salisbury, click to see more about my adventure here

Me, Gem and Roman

thank you DAniel

Stonehenge druids monuments and sunsets

Stonehenge Winter Solstice 2018

staff speaking with one of the visitors

Stonehenge what a place. For years people have talked about what the uses are from healing stones to an ancient calendar,  and still today we’re putting little pieces of knowledge together to tell the full story. 

For me the tail of Stonehenge started when I was really young. I’ve grown up in a pretty christian background from my both my family and early school life. However being from Birmingham means I’ve always had the chance to speak with people from different cultures, traditions and beliefs. Paganism however has always eluded me, only ever allowing me to view a glimpse of one of the oldest ways of life through books and films. So for me this was fascinating to see up close and personal during the winter solstice with a few people burning incense prayers being said and a person being drawn towards the stones (the image on the right) only to be escorted away. Nope that wasn’t staged it happened right in front of me. 

Also I just wanted to say a massive thank you thank you to Dan at Bathinsidertours I happened to bump into him while there who shared his knowledge of the stones with me including that some would say that Stonehenge isn’t a true henge at all according to some but I’ll leave the details of that to the experts. For me it’s beautiful a small piece of my countries history and that makes me incredibly proud to be British knowing people carried these huge stones 100’s of miles.    

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