Why Hoozy

Toodie head down available black & white from Hoozy 10% discount if you use King_sii10

Hoozy bring a completely different type of style to the market. Not only do they have an incredible eye for design as you’ll be able to see from the gallery below but the fabrics they use are incredibly soft on the skin. What more could you want from a clothing line or brand?   

I always do a little research about a brand before I work with them and everywhere I l looked Joe Nowland and Jayden Graham were doing big things! The work ethic of these two young entrepreneurs creating content finding people to connect and market their products is exceptional given their age. If you ever want some inspiration to work harder look no further than Hoozy!  

Longline tee available black & white from Hoozy.co.uk Use discount code King_sii10 at checkout

Content Creation for Hoozy

Some of the fashion photoshoots I've done using the Hoozy clothing range can be found below.
These have all been taken in Birmingham not far from the Mailbox. It's a great location to shoot especially given the tall buildings and industrial look the CBD really gives us.

Here’s a video advert me and Hubert put together you can find all the details about this video on my collaborations pages along with a link to his portfolio. 

We put this together in Digbeth due to edgy urban feel mixed with talented artists. Digbeth has some of the worlds greatest graffiti artists when it comes to modern art and I really wanted to incorporate that feel with some of the content we’ve created. 

My favourite item from the Hoozy shop is easily the Toodie. You can get this in black or white, made from 100% cotton to make it have that wonderfully soft feel. I’ts slim fit which is perfect for me but most importantly you can wear it all year round not too warm in summer and nicely keeps the warmth in for you in winter due to it being slim fitted. A simply unique item of clothing for your Wardrobe

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