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From Kings and Queens to T & J

Ri.alien modeling United Kings and Queens Hoodie

Kings And Queens United

Bomber Jacket by United Kings and Queens along with black cap and jumper

United Kings and Queens Apparel

creative content and photography

United Kings and Queens backpack and hoodie

The Roof of the Edge Cheapside Birmingham

photography for your website

All the above images were taken at The Edge on Cheapside Birmingham. This is a small venue mostly used for art and performances. You can find them on Facebook or locate their website from the image above. This venue has parking spaces available just outside for easy access. 

United Kings and Queens are a brand not about religion, race or area code simply put: they’re all about coming together and creating unity for everyone. “With Unity is strength as their current slogan. They also offer worldwide shipping once their website is created you’ll be able to link to their page on the images above. For now you can click the link to see their Instagram page.  

Birmingham KnowHope

Complete outfit for Knowhope with warm tones in an urban environment

KnowHope with
@Ri.Alien Full outfit

Fashion and models click to view Ri.alien

KnowHope Birmingham bottoms taken at the Edge Cheapside Birmingham

Mesh bottoms
from Knowhope

Click to find Knowhope Birmingham

Light and shadow in Birmingham The Edge cheapside with Knowhope clothing brand

KnowHope Mesh

with the Birmingham backdrop

Mesh KnowHope Meshtop taken on the roof of The Edge Cheapside Birmingham

The Edge Cheapside
B12 0QH

Fashion photography at the edge

Above you’ll find some of first photos with Creative link in Birmingham @ri.alien and @joellaholivia helped with modelling the clothing lines please click the links above to find out more about the people and the venue I’ve used to on this photo-shoot. 

KnowHope are leading by example with their clothing brand if you click the image that links to their website above you’ll see exactly why.

“There is a difference between being a winner and a champion”


Hardtimes clothing in the custard factory birmingham

Hard times over 9000 t-shirt

fashion photography

Over 9000 by hardtimes clothing in Arcadian Birmingham (china town)

Using Birmingham Arcadian

Birmingham creativity

Hardtimes Clothing featuring graffiti artist Hoakser

Hoakser in Birmingham

Graffiti photography

Above you’ll find photos from in and around the custard factory area for Hardtimes clothing the above is a tee labelled over 9000 and has familiar Anime and Manga characters on most of their designs. For more merchandise like this you can head to their pages using the links above.

T And J Clothing

TandJClothing based in Birmingham, near Birmingham Made

T&J Clothing large black hoodie

Commercial Fashion photography

TandJclothing white long sleeve Shirt

Black and White Long sleeve shirt

Different photography styles

content creation for T&J clothing brand Birmingham

Photography near Subside

Custard Factory photography

White T&J shirt taken In Birmingham Digbeth

Shades and a white Long line Shirt

photography for T&J clothing

T&Jclothing are a Birmingham clothing brand specialising in street wear not much information has been released regarding this brand on any social media platform or their website but you can find links to their site above.

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