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Sean Duggan Back in The Station Sutton

All new songs riffs and content

The station in Sutton taken in 2019 when Sean Duggan came to visit

The Station & Sean

The Station pub Sutton

Outside the Station Sutton Coldfield

Live music photography in Birmingham

The station in Sutton taken in 2019 when Sean Duggan came to visit

Birmingham The Station Pub

Behind the bar photography

The station in Sutton taken in 2019 when Sean Duggan came to visit

Sean Duggan Birmingham Musician

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and photography

The station in Sutton taken in 2019 when Sean Duggan came to visit

Sean Duggan in The Station Sutton Coldfield

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I’ve started writing before during and after the events that I go to or take part in now. I realised that many of the emotions and thoughts that I have come and go so fast that eventually when it comes to writing I miss all the little bits and get newbie version of “writers block”. Do any other bloggers have the same issues how did you over come that obstacle?

Before: Mr Duggan back over at The Station in Sutton Coldfield. I couldn’t wait for this show when Sean invited me reason being; Sean’s been working on a lot of new things lately social media content, new riffs, new rhythms and most importantly a few new songs. I recently read that he’s back in the studio with none other than Ben Drummond (a well renown artist across Birmingham for his award winning song writing and guitar skills and having an acoustic session over at the Jamhouse see The Jam house Acoustic session for more about him and the Jamhouse) to remaster cage the hurricane with a few extra songs so what’s not to get excited about?

Not only that the station is a great little venue with live music, amazing food and considering it’s location it’s reasonably priced. Could you want anymore from a venue. Also if you haven’t read my previous blog about the last visit with Sean (pre me becoming a dad) then click the link to see my Sean Duggan Musician page.

More about the station

The station in Sutton taken in 2019 when Sean Duggan came to visit

Close ups with Sean Duggan

Different photography styles

The station in Sutton taken in 2019 when Sean Duggan came to visit

Photography in Birmingham venues

St Pauls Square

The station in Sutton taken in 2019 when Sean Duggan came to visit

On stage Near me

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When it comes to Sean Duggan his vocals are my personal favourite always melodic complimented with the riffs he creates along with pats on the guitar to almost make a full percussion band. The thing I like most about Sean’s music is that it takes you away… Every song he has written has a story and in that story is something he’s seen, heard or been a part of. Most of the time he’ll tell the audience in before hand in a convo to emerce you fully into his mindset at the time  those small snippets before he puts on yet another mind blowing show really help us all to  connect to him as an artist.

It’s actually this performance where I realised he uses music in much  the same way I use my photos and blogs to tell my story.

A Quick review of The station in my opinion it has the best customers services possible. Not only did Ema remember I had a little one on the way the last time we came to visit she couldn’t have been more helpful setting up and making us feel comfortable. The customers are equally as kind, careful not to get in the way of me taking photos, and often stop by to have conversations with us I couldn’t feel anymore welcome here: Which always helps get a great shot and Sean put on a great show.

It’s always special when staff actually take time to know a customer I honestly couldn’t commend them enough thank you for having us!

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