Fashion Photography

Click the image to the right in order to see more of my fashion photography portfolio. Working with Hoozy, United Kings and Queens, Knowhope Birmingham and many, many more. I can help create brand awareness for you too. 

For more fashion photos click the following link: Fashion

Bands & Events

Here is a small view of my band and event photos which I have taken throughout my photography career so far.  For more details about any of the photos you see, take a look at my blog, where I have listed all of their details.

for more bands and event photography click the following link: Bands and events

Architecture & Commercial Photography

Here are a few of my shots from some of my travels. The photos that are featured include photography from: the Oak house in West Bromwich, Lichfield Cathedral and Tyntesfield. If you would like to view more of these types of photos, they can be found on my Instagram gallery.

Nature & Landscape Photography

Being out of the concrete jungle and taking a moment to set up my camera with nature all around me, these are one of my favourite types of photos to take. Sometimes it’s about utilising the best light, other times it’s capturing an angle no-one has seen before.

Being based on the outskirts of Birmingham gives ample opportunity to explore places such as Clent and Licky hills, which helps me to capture some of my best work

To the right you’ll see photos taken at Sandwell Valley (West Bromwich), Leasowes Park and in the Cotswolds. If you’re interested in any of these or looking for a specific landscape picture, get in touch!

Street Photography

The majority of these photos were taken in the centre of Birmingham, with lots of canals, busy roads and concrete, of course! The type of street photography I personally prefer to take is at night time. The reason being, the lens flares and shooting beams of lights from traffic, create a lot of character when it comes to the finishing photograph.

If you’re ever interested in doing an urban meet or shoot with me, contact me and we can arrange a time and place!

Brands & Mixed Media

These images are a mix of other social media influencers and content creators that I’ve crossed paths with throughout my time on Instagram.

If you check out my collaborations page, you’ll find more a little more detail about the brands I represent and the people I’ve worked with so far, in order to create my own personal audience.

If you’re interested in doing a collaboration with me, I’m just a message/call away! 


Portraits are possibly the most common type of photograph, particularly on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Tumblr. To achieve the best looking portraits, photographers need to create a balance of fine eloquence, technicality and most importantly, have a passion for people!

For me, it’s all about getting the person of interest relaxed and doing things they’d naturally do, only this time during a portrait session with a camera pointing towards you. Successfully getting a natural smile from someone really does come across in the photos that I take, as I always achieve true to character portraits in every photograph.

Please take a further look at my portraits on my Instagram gallery as it may be the first step to having some stunning photos of yourself or family members, taken by myself!

Pet Photography & Family Portraits

Pet Photography 

Over the last few years, pet photography has helped me to stand out on Instagram, from originally taking quick photos on my mobile phone, to now taking professional photos with my Nikon camera. Pet photography is all about the background and attention to detail. I will always capture your pets expression as natural as possible, whether that be: excited, calm, scared or expressionless.

You’ll be able to see much more of my pet photography in my blogs, as I am always walking in the woods with my dogs (Sky, Peanut and Alfie).

Family Portraits

Children often have school photographs taken every year; however; once in a while it’s nice to have you in the photo with them. Especially for special occasions, such as weddings and parties, or maybe even a family Christmas card. 

If this is something you may be interested in and are situated near Halesowen, Quinton or in the Sandwell area, I am your guy! If you would like to arrange a photo-shoot for you and your family, in a studio if needed, feel free to give me a call/leave me a message and I’ll get you booked in!