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Tamron 70-300mm Review

Much more than just a budget lens

photo-shopped sky replace

The Tamron 70-300mm what a great lens. I’ve read and watched so many bad reviews about this lens but the amount of great feedback from models I’ve shot with and followers on my page has really blown my mind. This is actually a budget lens, you can pick one of these lenses up for as little as £30 second hand I bought mine directly from Amazon as I was shooting a sport event with @timesmedia_ (images to follow below) 

Sunday League final
with @TimesMedia_

Sunday league

Sports with the Tamron lens

Live event photography in Birmingham

Sutton Sunday league

Birmingham sports

On sport photography

action shots with Tamron

Action Shots

creative content
and photography

action shots at 300mm no tripod

Fast Paced Shots

photography for your
social media pages and website

I also knew I wanted to have the opportunity to take some family & wildlife photos with Gemma & Roman when I went over to Bradgate park, it took me a little time to get use to this lens as the auto-focus is a little out of focus especially when you zoom due to there being no Vibration Reduction (VR) so you either need a super steady hand or a tripod I’d also recommend shooting in manual using a lower f-stop around f8 and in manual focus if your a beginner this may not be the best lens for you.

Birmingham Portraits with @island_girl& shereenalise

Darker Light and Raining

photos for models

Arcadian Birmingham

portfolio building

Custard Factory Photos

digbeth famous for art

Birmingham Views

roof top photos

However I used this lens on my shoot with @islandgirl_kt the photos have come out exactly as I’d expected and also helped me create a smoother skin texture really helping make her make-up pop giving it a more editorial feel. My most recent shoot with @shereenannalise has also had some incredible feedback this time I used the autofocus and the images have come out spectacularly, I still have a few more of these to edit and upload but you can see more on Instagram in my highlights section

Wild life shots
at Bradgate park

close up with a deer in Bradgate park

Fur Textures of a Deer

wildlife photography

King-sii and Gemma at Bradgate park

Some Family Snaps

bradgate park Talent

Playful young doe

with a heard

Deer at Bradgate park

Through the trees

this has been distorted by zoom

This lens also has a macro mode which I had fun testing on a family trip to the botanical gardens with beautiful  flowers and since it’s the middle of spring the bees too.  I’ve uploaded a couple of images below 

Botanical Gardens

gemma and roman at botanical gardens

Gemma and Roman

fun family day out

macro with tamron 30-300mm

Macro with Butterflys

Different photography styles

bee in spring macro photo

Macro with Bees

having fun with the camera

Birmingham bird 70-300mm tamron

Bird in a tree

slightly distorted by the zoom

Overall the range of this lens is great although it needs a lot of light, the image quality you can get is brilliant when you  considering the price of the lens. It’s more of a struggle at the 300mm end due to camera shake without vibration reduction it’s very difficult to not get motion blur especially if shooting with slower shutter speeds. however let me know what your thoughts are after seeing the images above either drop me a message on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter and let me know your thoughts. If you own this lens give me your feedback or tips on how to better the lens.

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